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(A Work in Progress, this will be updated and modified at need.)





      Recruitment is primarily through the kinsite.  Application to the Kinship is done ONLY through this website.  You must be 18 years old or older to apply. 


     If the applicant does not respond within 30 days to either the acceptance of the application, the in game mail, or the Guildlaunch mail, it will be assumed that the applicant is (a) no longer interested, or (b) unable to respond, and will be removed.   Re-application is possible.  The application may or may not be accepted, depending on circumstances.



(2)  RANKS:  



     (A)  RECRUIT: 


      This is the first rank of a kinship. 


      New members must be Recruits for two weeks and have entered his or her kinship-admitted character(s) to the kinsite before being elevated to the next level. 


      While the kin members are willing to help Recruits, if needed, we are not here to either 'Babysit' or 'PowerLevel'. If either is your focus, this is not the kinship for you. If you insult a kin member for not helping you in the manner that you wished, you may be evicted from the kinship. 


      NOTE:  Recruits will not be eligible for new gear from the kinship, although they may donate supplies, if they wish. If they level their craft high enough in those two weeks, they may also make gear for those who need it. 




      This is the second rank of a kinship. 


      Here one stays until it is determined otherwise.  The decision may be the player's to move on.   Alternatively, the decision may be that of the kinship leader to either promote, demote, or evict.


      (C)  OFFICER:

      This is the third rank of a kinship. 


      Officers are created on merit. Some of the things considered are: attitude; willingness to help others within one's ability; willing to participate in as many kin activities as is reasonable. 


      Begging to be made an officer will guarantee that one will not achieve that rank, as it proves to the kinship that one is not officer material.

      Officers may recommend to and/or advise the kin leader. The final decision rests with the kin leader. 




     Kinship Uniforms must be worn by the kinship members at all events hosted or co-hosted by the kinship.


     The  Uniform shall consist of:  the Long Dwarf-Make Robe (dyed red);  the Plain Cloak (dyed red); the Rough Cloth Cloak; the Plain Cloak (dyed orange); and the Cloak of the Cluck.


     The cloaks are ranked. 


          (A)  RECRUITS:


                   - Shall wear the Long Dwarf-Make Robe (dyed red) with the Plain Cloak (dyed red).


           (B)  KINSMEN/KINSWOMEN: 


                  - Shall wear the Long Dwarf-Make Robe (dyed red) with the Rough Cloth Cloak. 


            (C)  OFFICERS:


                  - Shall wear the Long Dwarf-Make Robe (dyed red) with the Plain Cloak (dyed Orange).  


            (D)  LEADER:   


                 - Shall wear the Long Dwarf-Make Robe (dyed red) with the Cloak of the Cluck. .







          (A) ALTS   


     Any Player may have alts in the kinship.  Any Player may also have alts in other kinships.  We do require that you tell us your alts registered within this kinship.  In addition to listing them in the Kinship Roster on the kinship website, there is a forum for posting your alts, called "Alt-aholics Anonymous".  They must be listed in both places.


     We also request that any player belonging to more than one kinship to please keep the kinships separate.  Whatever occurs in one kinship must stay within that kinship. Do not broadcast to the other kinships the latest happenings within a given kinship. 




     All of a given player's characters (main, alts, freeps, creeps) registered within this kinship must be entered into the listing of the Kinship Roster on the MECaW Kinship website.  This must be done manually by the player and regularly maintained by the player. 






     Attendance at Kinship Meetings is Required.  Sunday evening is our weekly kinship meeting (formerly 'Social Time').  Officer meetings will follow the All-Kinship Meetings.

    It is listed on the Calendar on the kinship website. 


     NOTE:  All times listed are /servertime.  On Landroval, that is the Eastern Time Zone [-4 GMT (summertime), or -5 GMT (wintertime).]




     If a member is inactive for 180 days (6 months) without notification of prolonged absence*, that member may be removed from the kinship, both main and alts.   If, on returning, the former member wishes to be re-instated, and is in good standing, then that member may rejoin.  He or she must re-Apply to Kinship in order to rejoin.


     When rejoining the kinship, one will be reinstated as a Recruit again for the requisite 2 weeks before being elevated to higher rank.  If the rejoining player was an Officer at departure, that player may, or may not, be reinstated to that rank, depending on circumstances. 


      (C)  IN REAL LIFE:

      We understand about Real Life. We live there, too. School, Work, Family, Illness....... the list goes on. If there is a problem IRL, please let an officer know what is going on, if possible.

     There are a variety of ways to let us know.  You may:  post on Kinship Forums; send ingame mail;  post a note beside your name in the Kinship page of the Social Panel;  or speak with an officer.  In addition to one of these methods, you must also post the information in the "On Leave Posts" forum of the Kinship website.

     If we don't know what is going on, we will be concerned about your well being.  If you do not let us know, we may be forced to remove you from the kinship due to unknown prolonged absence*.  [Please see (4)  PRUNING/PURGING above.]  Try to ensure that, in the event that you cannot contact us, someone else can.


     *PROLONGED ABSENCE:  Inactivity over a long period of time. 




     Disputes will be mediated by the Kin Leader.  These will be done privately and confidentially.    

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