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re: Housing Basics


Greetings, Kinnies! 


     This post is to assist anyone who needs information about owning a house.


      Q:  How do I get started?


      The First place to start is the Help Menu ingame.  At the bottom of your ingame screen, there is a line of buttons, left and right of the quickslot bars.  One of the buttons has a "?".  That is the Help Button.  Press it. 


     This brings up the Help Menu.  The path you need to follow is:  Lord of the Rings Online>Knowledge Base>Housing FAQs.  You will need to scroll down quite a bit as this thread is quite a ways down.  The Housing FAQs will tell you quite a bit about Housing in LotRO.  There have been some changes since the Housing Post was written.  The post has been updated, but as you will see, some things are not as accurate as they once were.  In 2015, major housing revamps are planned, so these instructions may change at that time.  (UPDATE NOTE:  The Housing Revamp was not possible at that time.  Whether it will ever be is anyone's guess.)


     Q:  I have read the Housing FAQs.  Now what do I do?


     The Second thing to do is to look at housing.  Go to each homestead (there is one located in each race's starter area) and see what each area is like.  Each is very different from the others.  Once you find an area that is pleasing, then you decide which of the available houses is right for you and your budget.


     Q:  Now that I have a house, what do I put in it, and where can I get it?


      Types of items to chose from are:  

                              (Interior) Walls; Floors; Paint; Furniture*; Lighting; Paintings*; Statues*; Taxidermy* 

                              (Exterior)  Trees*; Shrubs; Statues*; Ponds/Fountains*; Lighting; Other*   



     There are seven (7) places to get housing items:


          1)  There are vendors in the center of each neighborhood of a homestead. The vendors in a given neighborhood sell the exact same item selection as all the other neighborhood vendors in that homestead.  Changing neighborhoods within a homestead will not yield a different selection of items.   Changing homesteads will.   Only the vendors in your neighborhood will give you a residential discount. 

     One of these vendors is a housing vendor.  The housing vendor carries a supply of house and yard furnishings.  The housing vendors in a given race area carries a set of items that is different from each of the other races' housing vendors.  (Example:  The Dwarf Housing Vendor carries a different line of house and yard furnishings than the Race of Man Housing Vendor.)  It is good to check them all to see what is available.


          2)  Festival Vendors carry seasonal housing items, relating to that seasonal festival.  (Example:  The Summer Festival may offer a hammock, while the Fall Festival may offer a Haunted Tree.)


          3)  Reputation Vendors sometimes carry housing items for either interior, exterior, or both.  Depending on the area, a given faction may price their wares in coin or in tokens. One must be at the appropriate level with a given faction in order to purchase and use any reputation item. *


          4)  Crafters can make certain housing items. The recipes can be obtained from housing vendors, festival vendors, and/or reputation vendors.   One must be at the appropriate level of skill in that craft, and, of, course, with the reputation vendors, one must be at the appropriate level within that given faction, in order to purchase and use the recipe(s).*


          5)  One may also find crafted housing items posted at the Auction House, or sometimes in the Trade Channel. 


          6)  Sometimes, particularly in the Epic Storyline, a quest will reward one with some type of housing item.  One such reward is the Swan Fountain that is seen in so many yards. *


           7) Taxidermy:  You will acquire some trophies as you hunt/fish/quest/deed.  Some may be taxidermied. If you wish, you may take it to a taxidermist and have it made into a trophy suitable for display in your home.  There may or may not be a charge for this.


     *PLEASE NOTE:*  Some items will be "Bind on Acquire", so be aware of this before purchasing.  This includes recipes. 

                            *  These Items come in various sizes. Before purchase, be sure that you have the right size for your house/yard.  (Example:  A kinhouse has room for a HUGE yard decoration, but no other house does, so if you live in a standard house, leave that Stone Dais at the vendor.)


     Q: What do I do with the housing items once I have them? 


     Once you have housing items in hand, take them back to your house.   Call up the Help Menu, return to Housing FAQs and follow instructions in the section on decorating.  It is really fairly easy.  A short period of experimentation, and PRESTO!, you have become a decorating pro. 



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