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re: Cosmetic Weapons


     Cosmetic Weaponry is a very new (as of this writing) ability.  Although the devs have wanted to do this from the outset, until now, technology was not sufficiently advanced to permit this ability.  Even so, there are serious limitations, which the devs hope to be able to overcome in time. 


     Q:  What is Cosmetic Weaponry?

     A:  Cosmetic Weaponry is the ability to slot a weapon cosmetically and have that show instead of your actual weapon. 


    Q:   Where does one put it and how does it work?  

     A:   Click on your Character Screen Button, or press "C", then click on the Cosmetics Tab at the top  of the screen.   On the right side of the panel is a  menu of Cosmetic Panels.  The first listed is Equipment Outfit.  This is what you are actually wearing and is a copy of what  the Main Character Panel shows, although it can be modified..  The next button is Outfit 1.  Click it.  Now one may insert whatever one wishes for a different look.  At the bottom of the page,just under the feet of the character, there are 3 slots.  These are for weapons to be slotted cosmetically.  Once slotted, one may click on the the slot number tab below the menu, and PRESTO!  ones character is showing different weapons. 


      Q:  Are there any restrictions?

      A:  Yes, there are.   At introduction,  there were limitations of use, and until the devs and tech can  figure out alternatives, these restrictions/limitations remain.  The Limitations are that one must match the cosmetic item to the item being actually used.  Like with like.  This means that if an axe is being used, one must slot an axe cosmetically.  If a 2-handed sword is used, one must slot a 2-handed sword.  One may not slot a 1-Handed sword cosmetically if one is actually using a 2-handed sword.  If one tries to slot an item that is not allowed, a warning will appear in red that will say that that particular cosmetic is not permitted.


    Q:  Why is this restriction in place?

    A:  It has to do with the animations.  One swings a 2-Handed weapon differently than a 1-handed weapon.  Currently, there is no known way to change the animations cosmetically, so if one slots a different weapon cosmetically, the animations still reflect the use of the actual weapon. If the weapons do not match, the animation looks most peculiar. 


     Q:  What about Cosmetic Items?  Can they be used? 

     A:  Yes they can.  One can slot baskets, pitchforks, butter knives, and other such items in the Cosmetic Weapons Slots. 


    Q:  Where can I find more information? 

    A:  There is more information on the LOTRO Forums.  You will find a link  under LOTRO Discussion>LOTRO Archives.



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