Welcome to the Craft Market!  

The Craft Market is held on the Third Saturday of each Month from 8:00-10:00 PM (/servertime).  Currently, it is being held in Market Park located adjacent to Market Square, Bree (Near the Boar Fountain).   All are welcome, both casual and roleplayer alike. 

( For information of Special Note, please see the heading "SPECIAL" below)



What is the Craft Market?

The Craft Market is a Player-Made Event, where those players that wish to sell and those players who wish to buy can meet and trade face-to-face.   Bargaining is encouraged and often advantageous.   Role-Play is optional, but encouraged.


 Why not just use the established trade methods (Auction House, /trade, /world, /GLFF)? 

You may, of course, use the established trade routes.  Some prefer them.  This Event is for fun, and is indeed enjoyed by many.  

What can I expect to find at this Craft Market?  Will there be items brought in from distant lands? 

Since this is a Craft Market, all items must be crafted.   There are NO imported items. (Roleplayers, Please see below.)   Currently, no shards, sigils and the like may be offered at the Craft Market. 

 What crafted items would I find at the Craft Market?  

Typically, one will find basic items in many tiers needed for crafting.  Gathered materials and ingredients for crafting are normal.  In addition, farm produce, dyes and pies are frequently offered. 

[Examples:  Gathered/Intermediate:  Ores/Ingots; Logs/Planks; Raw/Polished Gems; Hides/Leathers; Farm Produce.  Finished items:  Dyes: Pies; Instruments (only minstrels can use these); Crafted Furniture and Vases]  These are examples, not an exclusive list, however, the wares must be within these guidelines. 

 Would I  find complete jewelry or armour sets, or a full collection of musical instruments? 

The choices of stats on these sets are many and each player wishes/needs a different combination of stats on his or her jewlery or armour.  It is not possible or practical to have those on hand, so those are offered on commission only.  The same goes for most foods.  There are a number of tiers of musical instruments and, again, it would not be practical for most vendors to have that many different ones in stock.  The same would apply to herald's armaments, burglar's signals; and the like.

What do you mean by "Commission"?

Commission is when a buyer arranges with a vendor to make  a specific item or items for the buyer to  specific requirements.  (The Warden will need a very different product from a Minstrel, for example.)  Included in the commission, are the specified requirements, the cost, the delivery, the payment method (cash in advance, C.O.D.), and any other details.   This must all be arranged and agreed upon before the vendor will make the item(s) for the buyer. 

 Are the prices set prices, or are they negotiable?  

Prices are usually negotiable, but can be set, if preferred.  Please tell the Vendor which is preferred - a set price or bargaining.  Vendors, please remember to ask the Customer which is preferred, if the Customer does not volunteer a preference.   

NOTE:  Occasionally a Player Buyer will wish to pay in kind instead of coin.  Usually, although not always, the items offered in payment/trade are task items, whose total value to an NPC Vendor will equal the cost of the item the Player Buyer wishes to purchase.  Instead of task items, the Player Buyer may offer gathered items, or a mix of items.  It is the Player Vendor's decision to accept or reject the offer. 

If I want to sell at the Market, how do I advertise my wares? 

To advertise your wares, put them in /say or /shout.  /shout is the better choice: 1) If one is actually hawking wares in a bazaar, one would be yelling at the top of one's lungs, letting everyone know what is for sale; and 2)  /shout is not bugged as /say often is.  

To put your advertisement in the Command Line of the Chat Box, do this:

/shout Leathers and Ores of many types for sale.  Good prices.  Come and buy.     (Example only)

If you are familiar with the plugins Lyrical and/or Poetical, put your advertisment in there and use as you would a song, poem, or tale. If you are not familiar with either of these, use Notepad or its equivalent, and copy/paste. 

As a Vendor, how do I " show my wares" to the Buyer? 

Drag your items into the Command Line of the Chat Box, in the usual manner one does when showing/asking about it in normal chat.

If I wish to buy at the Market, how do I do this?  

Typically, one goes up to a Vendor and asks what he/she has for sale, rather like at any open air market (farmer's market, flea market...).  This begins the negotiations.  The Vendor responds by "showing their wares".  This is followed by either interest ("Oh, that is pretty!  Do you have it in Sea Blue?" -or- "I see that you have Brushed Leathers.  Do you also carry Glossy Leathers?"); rejection ( "Those are very nice, but not what I seek today."); or somewhere between the two ("Hmm...Let me think on that." -or- "I don't know..Those may not be suitable, after all.   Let me check, and I'll let you know." -or- ...)

How is the Trade Discussion done?  Is it in /say for all to hear, or is a different channel used?

The Trade Discussion may be conducted in /say, but is often conducted in a more private channel (IM, Fellowship..).  The Market is noisy, which causes difficulty in following what is said.  Many Customers would prefer that the world not know details of their deals.  Private discussion may be initiated by either party. 


Is it possible for a vendor to specialize in a particular item or group of items, or must one always carry general merchandise? 


One may specialize in a particular item, or group of items, if preferred.   Roleplayers already do this.   We encourage Vendors to find the niche that fits their preferences ...within the parameters of the Craft Market.



I am uncomfortable roleplaying.  Is it really necessary to roleplay at the Craft Market?  

Many folks are uncomfortable with roleplay.  No, it is not necessary to roleplay at the Craft Market.  Come.  Sell your wares.  Make your purchases.  The point of the event is to have fun. 

 What if I am a Roleplayer and want to buy or sell at the Craft Market?

Roleplayers are welcome to buy and sell at the Craft Market.  Please be aware that not all Customers or Vendors will be roleplaying, so you will need to accomodate their playstyles.   Many non-roleplayers are uncomfortable with roleplay, having never done it, and will need to be gently met.

I am not a roleplayer, but would like to sell at the Craft Market.  Can I still come? 

Certainy, you may come.  Although roleplay is not mandatory,  some Vendors and some Buyers will choose to roleplay. When interacting with them, respond to the intent

For example:  a Customer asks, "Doest thou have any dyes suitable for a wedding?  I was told to find yellow.  Wouldst thou have any with thee?"  (The intent here is to seek yellow dyes.  You, the Vendor, would respond to the intent.)  "Why, yes I do.  I have an assortment.  Would you care to look?"  (or some equivalent comment)  -or-  " No, I don't.  I am sorry."  Basically, you, the Vendor, will respond to the Customer the same way, no matter the playstyle...with courtesy, and a willingness to address their need(s).

 Are there any restrictions on what items can be Roleplayed at the Craft Market? 

Yes, there are.  It is the same for Roleplayers as it is for non-Roleplayers.  Please stay within the guidelines stated above.   Roleplayers may buy and sell /RP crafted items and services, such as, carved children's toys, unusual rings, rethatching a roof.   Roleplayers may NOT roleplay the bringing in of a wagon filled with exotic items purchased in distant lands, just as non-Roleplayers may not do this in their fashion.   

NOTE:  Because this is a mixed Event, please be aware that the Casual Player Vendor will need more concrete exchange than the Roleplayer Vendor may require. 



If I wish to participate, who would I contact? 

Please contact Lerillos, if you wish to sell.

When it the best time to contact  Lerillos?

Vendors:  Contact prior to the Event is preferred - the sooner, the better.  Early contact allows for better preparation for the vendor. 

Buyers:  Buyers need not contact anyone in advance.  Buyers need only come to the Craft Market and peruse the wares of the vendors. 



Of Special Note:  

April Craft Market usually coincides with the Anniversary Event.  The April Craft Market is traditionally held in the Town Square of Staddle, in order to avoid the envelope chasers; also, Market Park is occupied by Anniversary Event NPCs. 

August Craft Market is Chicken-Themed in support of Month of the Chicken.  Month of the Chicken is a Month-Long Event hosted by the Bounders of the Shire kinship.  More information can be found at their website:, and also at:  LOTRO Forums>Servers>Landroval> 7th Annual Month a' the Chicken  (for the year 2016).  There is a new thread each year.