Welcome, Guests!   We are glad you came.  Please feel free to look around, and do enjoy your stay with us.  Courteous folk are welcome everywhere, and we are delighted to have you. 

     Located on Landroval, Middle Earth Craft and Wares is a mixed race, casual kinship with a focus on crafting and socializing, although we do some of everything: from quests to attending concerts, and often participate in Cross-Kin events for social or war activities, which may or may not include roleplay.
We are a mature, drama free, adult (18+) group who care about each other and help those who need it

      If you think that you are interested in being one of us, please read the Middle Earth Craft and Wares Kinship Charter located on the Forum page.  If after reading it, you are still interested, please apply to kinship by pressing the "Application for Membership" on upper left of this page - or - upper left of the forum page.

     Please feel free to speak with an officer ingame.  We shall be happy to talk with you, although if mobs are trying to kill us, or we are in an instance, you may need to wait a bit. 

                                                        HOSTED  ACTIVITIES

      Middle Earth Craft and Wares hosts Three Events each month that are open to the public.  Each is from 8:00-10:00 PM /servertime.  All are welcome to join us. 

     Good Deeds (a deeding group) is held on the First and Second Saturdays of each month from 8-10 PM     /servertime.  Those interested meet at Mustering Hill.  After the group has formed, a destination is agreed upon.

     The Craft Market is held on the Third Saturday of each month from 8-10 PM /servertime.  Currently, it is held in Market Park adjacent to Market Square, Bree (near the Boar Fountain). 

Details are found on the Craft Market Tab above.  Please read this, as it answers many questions. For further questions, comments or selling, please contact Lerillos.


     Instance Night is held on the Fourth Saturday of each month from 8-10 PM /servertime.  Those interested meet at Mustering Hill.  This is for "Full Clear Deeds", which requires repeated runs of a given instance to complete. 

     Please Note that some Instances will require an earlier start or will run later than the time specified, possibly both.  Please be flexible. 

Also, Please Note that Instance Night is not held during the Month of August, in order that those who wish to participate in the Escorted Free Range Run (an 8-hour Chicken Session Quest) may do so.

                                                       * A   LANDROVAL   KINSHIP *